Before writing this review, I called Zale`s reception services 6 times after being lied to by the director and district chief. I don`t have time to write all my experience right now, but I know I`ve given Zale many, many opportunities to solve the problem I have. Please feel free to send me for details or wait for me to complete my evaluation if I have more time. In the end, Zales is a deceitful company that sells terrible warranties and junk food jewelry. I will write to local newspapers, online pages and even to my local news channels with a full review of my experience with Zales, especially the ones I am currently experiencing. Zales cheated on me once, but they will never cheat on me again and I will let so many people know that I can! Remember, normal service plans always have some exclusions like: I`ve been beautiful and enjoyable throughout the torture, although most of them deserve a shot in the face. Go to the Better Business Bureau website and you`ll see thousands of complaints for Zales Corp, Kay`s, Jared… all parts of Signet Jewelers (tons of items on them steal stones are also on the Internet). The SSPI`s obligations under this plan are supported only by the full faith and solvency of SSPI and are not guaranteed under an insurance policy for the reimbursement of service contracts, unless the changes provided by the State in this plan are provided elsewhere. This plan cannot be transferred and serves only the buyer or recipient of the gift.

This document contains the entire agreement between the parties. The purchase of this plan is optional. THIS PLAN IS NOT AN INSURANCE CONTRACT. WHAT IF COVERED MERCHANDISE REQUIRES SERVICE: Present the covered product and the original paid plan received to all Zales, Zales Outlet or Gordon`s Jewelers Factory location on the date of presentation (if this plan was purchased online or in store). To find a place where you can present this plan, call 1-800-311-5393 or visit, or The supplier under this plan is Signet Service Plans, Inc., 375 Gent Road, Akron, OH 44333, 1-800-527-8229, and is referred to in this document as “SSPI,” “we” or “us.” The original customer who purchased the merchandise, including the taker, if the merchandise was purchased under a lease or lease agreement (the “LTO arrangement”) package or the original recipient of the merchandise in the case of a gift covered by that plan, is referred to as “you” or “you.” But the debate continues; Are extensive service plans or jewelry protection plans worth it? It is not a repair plan.