Without the party`s prior written consent, the receiving party will not disclose: a) confidential information to third parties; b) make or authorize copies or other copies of confidential information; or (c) to use confidential information for commercial purposes. The receiving party will carefully limit access to confidential information to those of its executives, directors and employees, who are at least as protective as the confidentiality restrictions provided in this agreement, and will clearly need such access to participate, on behalf of the receiving party, in the analysis and negotiation of a business relationship or contract or agreement with the revealing party. This agreement does not apply to information that: (a) belonged to the receiving party or was known to the receiving party, without it being required to treat it confidentially before that information was disclosed to the receiving party by the public party; (b) is or will become a source other than the recipient and faultless part of the recipient party; (c) the receiving party is or is legally available to the receiving party from a source other than the publication part; or (d) is disclosed by the receiving party, with the prior written consent of the revealing party. The dividing part ensures that the film concept is original for the unveiling part and that the unveiling party has the right to make the disclosures under this agreement. Sometimes I had to sign a confidentiality agreement before being sent the pages (the words that are part of the script that an actor reads during the audition). For some projects, the actor cannot audition until the document is signed. I remember auditioning for a M Night Shyamalan film, and because he`s so worried that all the information was out in the world before recording, editing and screening in movies, I had to sign an NDA before my audition. Enter your name or business name (you are the open party). Enter the name of the receiving party. It is the person or company that evaluates your film concept (for example. B an investor or producer). Finally, indicate when the agreement will come into force. This is often the date on which the last party signs the agreement.

For some projects, actors may sign a confidentiality agreement (or NOA) before receiving the pages or hearings for the game. There are a few ways to close an NDA with your pages. Confidentiality agreements are usually concluded in two different ways – a) they are designed separately in abbreviated form that each must sign, or b) they are included in the employment contract that the occupation and crew sign when they are registered. Since we consider confidentiality agreements as a separate legal mechanism and not as a clause in an existing contract, we have written an example of NOA that can be used as is or tailored to your needs! Below is our model of a confidentiality agreement for the film industry; Don`t be discouraged or afraid if you come across a confidentiality agreement during your show trip. Read the settings, make sure you keep your bargain ending, and they`ll let you into the club. So if you`re in a happy position to get an NDA, follow it very carefully because it`s not something you want to play with. In addition to the fact that it is useful for the project if information has not been disclosed, it is also important to respect the contract from a legal point of view.