I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk when the mysterious man came up to me. I had to bend my head back to see his face. It must be 6`2 or 6`3 much bigger than my 5`4. He looked a few years older than me, maybe 23 or 24. My voice seemed to be stuck in my throat when I looked at the man. His blue eyes stared at me, almost curled me up. Being so close to him was intimidating, especially after seeing what he was wearing. A cleanly cut black suit jacket, a white button-up t-shirt underneath with a dark blue tie that made her blue eyes darker, and a pair of black pants with shiny black dress shoes. His brown hair was perfectly coiffed, no strands and he had a 5-hour shadow that covered his chin and cheeks. Her lips looked so kissing that I almost jumped out of her sight. Everything in him shouted wealth and power. I could just feel the force radiating from him when he was practically looking at me. As it was in December, when I decided to go to university, I could only apply for the spring semester.

So with a few classes in the summer, I was caught up, so I was basically through my first year. It was at the end of May, and my classes are coming to an end. As I took a few courses online and even some in the summer, I might be able to finish in one more year instead of two. Of course, in New York, they engaged me to the best bachelor/millionaire. But what got worse was that Liam had to pay for my classes, even though he said he didn`t object. It just gave me more incentive to make an effort at school so that I could get that money back. I had just finished my second year and I was proud to say that I had all A`s and 1 B. “You could say that. I had to stay at the club until I was 4 last night to close and clean up. Then it took it to be at 6:00 a.m.

to open. I said to smother a yawn behind my hand. Sophia was the only person who really knew anything about me and my past. In general, Sophia was isolated from everyone and stuck. She was three or four years older than me with my short blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. “Jenna, we need you at table three!” A voice interrupted my thoughts. Sighing, I lifted it from my stool and went to my table. I hated my job. In fact, I didn`t like my job. The little restaurant, Ruby`s, on which I was working, was a dive.