The Supreme Court also regularly considers issues relating to the extent and applicability of a general release. “all acts and/or all acts, rights, rights, claims, actions, complaints, complaints, obligations, damages, costs (including legal fees and actual costs incurred), expenses, debts, debts, debts, compensation, promises, promises, contracts, agreements and controversies of any kind… of or in connection with or in relation to an act or omission, an event, a transaction, an immutability, an agreement, a contract or a relationship concerning [the Fund], its investments, transactions or business (including, but not limited to the issues alleged in the [recourse]” (italics in the original). It is a transaction contract and authorization that can be used in federal court proceedings. It contains drafting statements and optional clauses, the contracting parties remember the terms of their agreement and do so in this document; In addition to the closing of the legal actions, the closing of CMIA Capital and the commitment of certain payments between the parties, the transaction agreement provided for the liquidation of the fund and the allocation of its assets. The parties agreed that, following the liquidation of the Fund, the COM received a performance royalty of $1,155,903.21. In the end, a company wholly owned by the defendant O`Neill received this tax; This company apparently transferred the defendant Knoll`s share to a company under Knoll`s control. The plaintiffs` appeals against the defendant`s predecessor were derived from the communication at issue; These claims are therefore not legally excluded [by publication]… It seeks to anticipate concretely the defendant`s arguments by asserting the deportation provision, so that the court takes into force the intention of the parties to the release. Despite the applicant`s view to the contrary, there is no ambiguity as to the proposed scope of the publication. The language of the publication contains several formulations that indicate its exceptional scope, for example. B the language says that the agreement was reached in full consultation “of all matters arising from facts, cases, complaints, complaints and accusations” in the complaints.