Long story in a nutshell: if you sell your home for $300,000 in the traditional way, you pay up to $18,000 in commissions. If you list with Homie, the total costs are between US$2800 and US$11,500 depending on whether the buyer of your home is using the home or another agent. One way or another, the savings are enormous. Homie offers a home mortgage brokerage service called Homie Loans. You don`t need to buy with Homie Real Estate to work with Homie Loans. If the buyer is represented by the same agent or broker as the seller, that broker or broker is directly incentivized to work against the buyer`s best interest, as this means more money for him. Although licensed brokers have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, it is easy to see how this type of agreement can create potential problems. Typically, the seller offers a so-called buyer`s agent commission to motivate agents to show the house to their customers. While prices are negotiable and vary by market and property, 2.5-3% are typical nationally. Homie will not accompany you to show houses, they will not send you lists, they will not contact agents for you. As a buyer, you should contact the Inseranter and see when it can open the door for you. Homie explains this by saying, “That`s how we fund our rebate program.” By not doing anything cursed. You`re on your own.

I can promise you one thing if you want to see the house of your dreams, but the listing agent can`t show you today, but another buyer has an agent with a key and they can get this afternoon you`re going to lose. Every time, let me repeat, you`re going to lose. Every time. With Homie, the interaction you have with them from the beginning, starting with their delivery of the CMA and the time they rent for discussion, like the house, is very degenerate from what happens with a traditional brokerage, where the broker probably spends more time gathering comparable features more appropriate, then spends an hour checking the information with you (unlike less than 10 minutes) to develop a strategy Pricing. at home, including what it means if you get to the point where you should lower the price if it doesn`t have enough activity.