For more information on Adobe Runtimes` license for device use or distribution, see Adobe and its suppliers own all of the software`s intellectual property. Adobe allows you to use the software only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The use of certain third-party hardware contained in the software may be subject to other terms, usually found in a separate license agreement, a “Read Me” file near these materials, or in the “additional software communications and/or general terms” of third parties found in The distributor accepts that, at the request of Adobe or Adobe`s authorized agent, the distributor will fully document within 30 days and certify that the distributor is in compliance with the terms of this Agreement. During the duration of the agreement, the distributor will make economically reasonable efforts to fully, clearly and accurately record the number of copies of the software it distributes during each calendar quarter, so that Adobe can verify compliance with the terms of this agreement. Adobe has the right to review and review all distributors and records related to the reproduction and distribution of the software. The information obtained as part of the audit is only used to enforce Adobe`s rights and determine whether the distributor is complying with the terms of this agreement. This check can be carried out on the distributor`s premises during normal business hours and in a manner that does not unduly affect the normal activities of the distributor. · “Contains Adobe Flash Player logo guides” in; Adobe Reader is free and should not be allowed.

– their editing tools are excellent and much cheaper than adobes at 14.1 Limited guarantee for users residing in Germany or Austria. If you purchased the software in Germany or Austria and generally reside in that country, Section 7 does not apply, but Adobe guarantees that the software will provide the features mentioned in the documentation (the “agreed features”) for the limited warranty period after receiving the software, if used in the recommended hardware configuration. As used in this section, “limited warranty time” means one (1) year if you are a business user, and two (2) years if you are not a business user. Non-significant deviations from agreed features are not taken into account and are not guaranteed. THIS WARRANTY LIMITED IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED TO YOU FREE OF CHARGE, FOR EXAMPLE, UPDATES, PRE-RELEASE, TRYOUT, PRODUCT SAMPLER, NOT FOR RESALE (NFR) COPIES OF SOFTWARE, OR SOFTWARE THAT HAS BEEN ALTERED BY YOU, TO THE EXTENT SUCH ALTERATIONS CAUSED A DEFECT. To assert a right of guarantee, you must, during the limited warranty period, return the software and the voucher at our expense to the place where you received them. If the functionality of the software differs significantly from the agreed features, Adobe has the right to repair or replace the software through subsequent execution and at its discretion. If this fails, you are entitled to a reduction in the purchase price (reduction) or the termination of the sales contract (rescission).