At the same time, it will protect all entrepreneurs from the danger that a disability may pose to the business by allowing them to purchase the interests of the disabled owner at an agreed price, set in a purchase-sale contract. Although this is only the case in the cross-purchase agreement and in the cross-purchase contract, the premiums paid to the business are deductible as compensation expenses, but insurance premiums must be incorporated into the contractor`s income. Premiums paid for disability policies are not tax deductible. As a result, benefits collected are exempt from income tax. Before acquiring a disability buyback directive, the business must be properly evaluated and a buy-back contract to be entered into. Once a fair market value for the business has been established, a sale price can be agreed and a disability buy-back policy can be acquired over the life of each owner or partner in order to provide the necessary funds in case he or she is disabled. For more detailed information on disability insurance and if one is right for your business, contact the Business Benefits Group`s business insurance advisors by sending us an online message or calling us today. We can help you identify potential problems your business may face and develop a hedging strategy that effectively reduces those risks. A formal sales contract should always have provisions that accept the future needs of a small business. Although most buy-sell agreements lead to the death of a small entrepreneur, many buy-sell documents are quiet when it comes to obstructing a business owner.

The truth is that a business owner is more likely to be disabled than to die when he runs a business organization. Insurance for the disabled is something that small businesses need. Unlike a large company, small businesses can sometimes be crippled by the absence of a key person; Someone who is so critical that business could fail if that person is absent.