The Child Support Act applies to child care plans for families living in New Zealand and families in which one parent lives in Australia. However, you can receive family allowances under the Family Proceedings Act 1980, even if you or the other parent lives outside new Zealand and Australia. If your voluntary agreement is not reached, you can go to a private agreement at any time or request a form evaluation. Either the responsible parent or the foster guardian can request a form exam. Inland Revenue (IR) manages the Child Support Program under the Child Support Act 1991 (external link). Family allowances are money paid by parents who are either: OVERVIEWIn read more about the childcare program run by Domestic Income. The Family Court may take care of the custody of the children if the rules are to be challenged or reviewed or if a parent lives outside new Zealand or Australia. You have a voluntary agreement to pay $250 a week. The child`s guardian receives a $335 per week benefit, and your child care assessment costs $200 per week. Family allowances are money paid by parents who do not live with their children or care for someone else. The money is intended to contribute to the cost of a child`s education and the amount depends on each parent`s net income. It can also be paid by a parent to a non-parent guardian as a grandparent. Payments stop when your child is 18 years old (unless he or she is still in school) or if he or she: If you wish to participate in the IR or if the primary guardian receives a single parent or un assisted family allowances, you should contact the IR before signing an agreement.

This usually occurs when two parents separate. The money received by Child Care is intended to cover the costs of raising the child or children. While child care is managed by Inland Revenue, it is not up to them to decide which parenting is a parent or who has daily custody of your children. For help, you can contact your lawyer, your municipal legal centre, the local coordinator of the family court or the citizens` advisory office. They apply on domestic income and decide the amount and manage the payments. If you receive financial assistance at work and income, you must apply for a formula assessment.