Stripe will provide you with the services at the prices and fees (“taxes”) described on the price website, which are linked here and included in this agreement. Fees include a fee for transactions (for example. B payment settlement) and other events related to your stripe account (z.B. The treatment of a disputed tax). We can review the fee at any time. However, we will provide you at least 30 days in advance before revisions (or a longer notice period if required by current legislation). 2.4. Braintree only processes customer data on behalf of the company and in accordance with the distributor`s written instructions. The parties agree that this addition is the distributor`s most complete and final written instruction for customer data. Additional instructions outside the scope of this addendum (if any) require prior written agreement between Braintree and Merchant, including the acceptance of any additional taxes payable by Von Merchant to Braintree for the execution of these additional instructions. The distributor ensures that its instructions comply with all applicable laws, including data protection laws, and that the processing of customer data, in accordance with the distributor`s instructions, does not result in a violation of Braintree`s data protection legislation. The distributor orders Braintree to process customer data for the following purposes: Our fees are only for all applicable taxes, unless it is expressly specified otherwise.

You assume sole responsibility and responsibility to: (i) the determination of applicable taxes, if any, to the sale of your products and services, to the acceptance of donations or payments you make or receive in connection with your use of the Services; and (ii) the valuation, collection, reporting and transfer of taxes from your business to the appropriate tax and tax authorities. If we have to withhold taxes or if we are unable to confirm the tax credentials you provide us, we can deduct these taxes from the amounts owed by other means and pay them to the appropriate tax authorities. If you are exempt from paying these taxes, you must provide us with an original certificate that meets the applicable legal requirements that have made your status exempt. At our proper request, you must provide us with information on your tax matters. d. Fraud risk: Although we provide or offer security checks, we cannot guarantee that you or customers will never be victims of fraud. All security controls we provide or offer may include processes or applications developed by Stripe, its affiliates or other companies. You agree to check all the security controls we offer and select the ones that are suitable for your business to protect against unauthorized transactions and, if you may, to implement independently other security procedures and controls that we do not make available. If you disable or do not use security controls correctly, you increase the likelihood of unauthorized transactions, litigation, fraud, loss and other similar events. Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the losses you have suffered from the use of lost or stolen payment information or by fraudsters who make fraudulent transactions with you, and that you have not implemented the security controls only increases the risk of fraud. We can help you recover lost funds, but you are solely responsible for losses due to lost or stolen information or accounts, vulnerability to your username or password, changes to your payment account, and any other unauthorized use or modification of your Stripe account. Stripe is not liable to you and you waive any right to claim loss claims against us resulting from the use of lost or stolen login information or the unauthorized use or modification of your Stripe account, unless those losses are the result of Stripe`s intentional or intentional actions.